Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Miranda Kerr Model

Miranda Kerr is a very popular up and coming model who has been making quite a name for herself recently. To read more about Miranda Kerr and see pictures of her, click on the link below.


David Chip Reese Dead

David Chip Reese, a world famous poker player, is dead at the age of 56. He was respected as a pioneer of the growth of professional poker in the United States. To read more about the death of David Chip Reese, click on the link below.


Pimp C Dead

Rapper Pimp C, whose real name is Chad Butler, was found dead in his bed. This death has shocked the hip hop community. Pimp C's death is now being investigated as a homicide. To read more about the death of Pimp C, click on the link below.


What is Wrong With Seal's Face

The question 'what is wrong with Seal's face' has been a popular question recently in search engines. I have found a website that answers this question. Click on the link below to check it out and find out what is wrong with Seal's face.


Seal's Face

Seal, a singer who is married to supermodel Heidi Klum, has something noticably different about his face. Seal is a very popular artist who has a huge amount of talent. To see a picture of Seal and his face, click on the link below.


Debra Lafave Arrested Again

Debra Lafave, a teacher from Florida who has been in trouble in the recent past for a sexual relationship with a teenage student, has been arrested again. To read more about Debra Lafave being arrested, click on the link below.