Friday, December 14, 2007

Watch Avatar The Airbender Season 3 Online For Free

Avatar the Airbender is a show that is traditionally pretty popular in search engines. People love to watch this show online for free! Season 3 of Avatar has been a high search topic lately and I have found a website that claims to make it possible to watch online. Check it out through the link below.

Tank On Empty Website

Tank on Empty is a website that will be featured on 20/20, the show hosted by John Stossel. The point of this website is for drivers to share how far they can push their vehicles to go once the low fuel light comes on. This website is awesome! Check it out through the link below.

Did Lil' Wayne Get Shot?

Lil' Wayne has been pretty hot in the search engines tonight due to a rumor of him being shot. I'm not quite sure where this news came from, but the answer to the question, "Did Lil' Wayne Get Shot" seems to be no. I will post more once I get confirmation about whether or not this news is true and why it is being searched for.

Kiran Kumar Allam Dead At Louisina State

Kiran Kumar Allam was a student at Louisiana State University who was found dead along with Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma, another LSU student. The men were found dead this morning. It appears to be a home invasion murder case. Increased acts of violence on both college campuses and other seemingly safe environments have been happening a lot lately. Prayers go out to the families of both victims.

Alice Braga is In I Am Legend Which Comes Out Today

Alice Braga has been a hot search trend today so far. The reason for this increase in traffic for her name is because she is a star in the movie, I Am Legend, which comes out today. The movie also features Will Smith. Alice Braga has been in a few movies and is from the country of Brazil.