Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alycia Lane In Trouble, Arrested

Alycia Lane is the most recent hot search trend and this is due to the news that she has been arrested. Lane, a Philadelphia news anchor, was arrrested for punching a female cop and calling her a couple names that I won't publish on this blog. What horrible news that a woman in such a public position cannot even control herself.

Dan Fogelberg is Dead

Dan Fogelberg has been in the hot search trends over the last couple of hours because of his death. Fogelberg died today at age 56. He had been suffering from cancer for a while. Fogelberg was a famous song writer and singer. He will always be remebered for his great musical talent that spoke to millions.

Photos of Nicole Boyd

Nicole Boyd has been yet another hot search trend today. To see pictures of Boyd, click on the link below. Nicole Boyd and her boyfriend, Roger Lee Dillion, are being accused by federal officials of stealing over $7 million from an armored truck.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Dating Pictures

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are currently ruling the Google Trends hot searches list. The reason for this is that Simpson and Romo are apparently dating and have been seen together on several occasions. To see pictures of this great celebrity couple, click on the links below.

Terelle Pryor Begins To Consider Michigan

Terelle Pryor is widely considered to be the best high school football player in America. His name has been a hot search trend today due to Rich Rodriguez being named the Michigan head football coach. Terelle Pryor has apparently commented on adding Michigan to his possible destinations for school. To read more about this, click on the link below.

Rich Rodriguez Named Michigan Coach

Rich Rodriguez, the former coach of West Virginia college football, has taken the head coaching job at the University of Michigan. This news has caused a lot of search traffic for his name. Rodriguez is replacing legedary longtime Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, who recently retired.

Edgar Cayce (Casey)

Edgar Cayce has recently appeared on hottest search trends. Cayce is the actual spelling of his name, though he is appearing in Google Trends as Edgar Casey. He was a very popular psychic during the early to mid 1900's. To read some of his amazing predictions, click on the link below.

Photos of Mary Bono

Mary Bono has been a hot search trend all day today. The interest in her has not faded away. Bono is popular today because of her wedding that took place yesterday to Connie Mack. To see photos of Mary Bono, the former wife of Sonny Bono, click on the link below.

Ron Paul Tea Party Fundraiser

Ron Paul's Tea Party Fundraiser for his presidential campaign has caused quite the stir both in the news and in search engine searches. Ron Paul's tea party is being called this because of the anniversary of the famous Boston Tea Party.

Indiana Winter Road Conditions, How Are The Roads In Indiana

A huge winter storm is hitting quite a few places across our great country today. I live in Maine and the storm is pretty intense. To see what road conditions in Indiana are like today, click on the link below. Indiana Road Conditions have been a very hot search topic today.

Jason Krause From Chicago Will Appear on ESPN

Jason Krause is a 10 year old who ESPN will feature on their NFL Sunday Countdown show. I'm not quite sure why this is happening, but a lot of people seem to be interested in it.

John LaBarca Loses His Job

John LaBarca has been a hot search topic this afternoon so far due to his firing from WICC. LaBarca is a famous broadcaster from Connecticut. To read more about this, click on the link below.

Brian Piccolo, Who Was He?

The name Brian Piccolo has been a hot search trend today. The reason for this spike in traffic is because of the Brian Piccolo award being given to Matt Robinson of Wake Forest University. Robinson is a defensive end. Piccolo died at the age of 26 from cancer. He played four years in the NFL.

Mary Bono Got Married To Connie Mack

Mary Bono's marriage to United States Representative Connie Mack has caused her to be a hot search trend this morning. Mary Bono is the former wife of Sonny Bono. Bono and Mack apparently had a pretty small wedding, which took place on Saturday.