Monday, December 10, 2007

Hot Trend- Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It A Night

Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It A Night is a Facebook group that has been covered in the news. This group is just dedicated to girls posting pictures of their stupid antics while drunk. I think that this is a disgrace and should be deleted off Facebook. Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It a Night is yet another tribute to college drinking.

Six Grandfathers Mount Rushmore

Six Grandfathers has been a very popular search term over the last couple of hours. I think I have found the reason for this. Six Grandfathers was the name used by the Lakota Sioux indian tribe for the mountain that we know today as Mount Rushmore.

Jeanne Assam New Life Church Security Guard

Jeanne Assam is the security guard at the New Life Church in Colorado that shot and killed a gunman. Her name has been very popular in search engines over the last few hours due to her name being released. She is a very brave woman who deserves a lot of credit. She credits God for being with her. To see a picture of Jeanne Assam and read more about her, click below.

Jamie Leigh Jones Raped In Iraq, Situation Ignored

Jamie Leigh Jones is a woman who had been working in Iraq and claims she was sexually assaulted and raped while there. She worked for Halliburton. According to Jones, she reported the crime but no action was taken at all by her employer. They allegedly told her to stay in some sort of holding container and told her she couldn't leave. Jamie Leigh Jones has been a hot search topic over the last few hours.

Photos of Stacy Johnson-Klein

Stacy Johnson-Klein is the former womens basketball coach at Fresno State University. She lost her job at Fresno State and filed a lawsuit for sexual discrimination. She recently won the case and received $19 million. To see some pictures of Stacy Johnson-Klein, visit the website below.

Renee Sloan Scott Baio Pictures Link

Renee Sloan is the woman who recently married Scott Baio. This news has been very popular online over the last few hours. Pictures of the couple are becoming increasingly available online. I have found one site that shows some great photos of the couple. To check them out, visit the website below.

Queen Latifah Engaged To Another Woman

Queen Latifah, the famous actress and hip hop star, is apparently engaged to be married to her longtime girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins. This news comes as a surprise to many who did not even know that Queen Latifah was a lesbian. There is sure to be more news about this coming out soon as details are still being learned.