Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tiger Kills Man At San Francisco Zoo

This story caught my eye pretty quickly. Apparently, a man was killed at the San Francisco Zoo and was killed by a tiger that had excaped from its cage area. Two young men in their teens were also injured. All three of the men who were attacked were relaxing in the Cafe area of the Zoo when the tiger came in and attacked them. This story is pretty crazy, and I am sure more details will be reported later.

Michael Klein and Daughter Die In Plane Crash In Panama

Michael Klein, a well known hedge fund specialist, has died in a plane crash. The plane crashed in Panama while Klein was flying with his 13 year old daughter Talia and his daughter's friend, Francesca Lewis. Lewis was the only survivor from the crash. The pilot of the plane was also killed in the wreck. The plane had been missing for a few days and was found today in the Chiriqui region of Panama. My thoughts go out to the families of the deceased.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Miley Cyrus Monday Night Football

Did you watch Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana on Monday Night Football this week? I sure didn't! This has been a somewhat hot search trend tonight despite the massive amount of searching for Christmas topics. She appeared in an introduction to Monday Night Football for the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game. People just can't seem to get enough of Hannah Montana.

Ron Scalise Killed In Car Wreck

Ron Scalise, a longtime audio technician for ESPN, died today in a car crash. Scalise was from Kenmore, New York. He was 54 years old. Ron Scalise's name has been a pretty popular search trend tonight, even though it is Chrismas eve. Many people are apparently curious about his death because his name is one of the only non-Christmas search phrases in the top 20 tonight. My thoughs and prayers go out to the family of Ron Scalise.

Chris Stokes Child Molester? B2K Members Say He Is

Chris Stokes is becoming a hot search trend today for a pretty awful reason. The well known hip hop producer is being accused of child molestation by his former artists, B2K. Raz-B is the member of B2K that is starting the allegations. Apparently Stokes touched him and suggested showering with the other boys in the group, including Marques Houston. This is a pretty sad and sick story.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Katherine Heigl Wedding Photos

Katherine Heigl's wedding has been a pretty popular search topic. As I wrote in an earlier post, she married boyfriend Josh Kelly. I would love to see photos from this wedding and I'm sure that many others want the same. I can't find any pictures from the wedding at the moment but I hope they turn up eventually. Leave me a comment with a link if you can find Katherine Heigl wedding pictures and I will add them to this post.

Katherine Heigl Gets Married To Josh Kelly

Katherine Heigl's wedding has been a somewhat popular search phrase today and I anticipate that it will climb in popularity over the next day or so. Heigl married her boyfriend, Josh Kelly. Heigl is most popular for her role in the television hit Grey's Anatomy and her recent movie role in Knocked Up. Congrats to her and Josh Kelly.

Jamie Lynn Spears Keeping Her Baby, Not Having Abortion

Jamie Lynn Spear's pregnancy made big news and is still a pretty popular search trend. People are fascinated with this story. Almost as soon as news of her pregnancy came out, people began wondering if she was going to keep the baby or have an abortion. It appears that Jamie Lynn Spears will not be having an abortion. I think this is a good decision, as I am personally against abortion. Hopefully she is a better mom than her older sister!

Family Tree DNA Helps Find Ancestors

Family Tree DNA has been a popular search trend today, at some points reaching volcanic levels. I did some research into family tree DNA and some interesting stuff turned up. Finding ancestry is a popular thing amongs people all over the world. At least in the United States, family DNA has been investigated and is making it easier to discover where we all came from. To read more about family tree DNA, a very interesting topic, check out the website below.


Often a Bridesmaid Never a Bride

The phrase "Often a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride" has been a very hot search trend over the last hour or so. I have found a website that explains the interesting origin of this phrase...an old Listerine commerical. I'm not quite sure what has caused this spike in traffic but it sure is interesting. Click on the link below to read more about this phrase.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xbox Live Not Working, Cannot Connect

Searches related to Xbox live not working have been very hot over the last few hours. Creating an Xbox live account seems to be where the problem is. The network or something is not working and a message is being displayed by Xbox that the problem is being worked on. This is really annoying for those that play a lot of games on Xbox live. Be patient and hang in there!

Danielle Fishel From Boy Meets World Arrested For Drunk Driving

Danielle Fishel has been a hot search topic over the last couple hours due to the news of her being arrested for drunk driving. Fishel starred as Topanga for a long time on the show called Boy Meets World and has most recently been working on the Tyra Banks Show. Hopefully Fishel gets her act together instead of becoming the typical child star gone wild.

Get A Jessica Simpson Mask at RuinRomo.com

This is pretty funny. Due to Tony Romo's collapse in the last Dallas Cowboys game, some genius has created a site called RuinRomo.com that makes it easy to get a very simple Jessica Simpson mask to wear to Cowboy's upcoming game against the Washington Redskins. Check out the website at www.ruinromo.com. Jessica Simpson is believed to be bad luck for Romo, we will have to see this weekend.

What Happened To Danielle Fishel? Topanga!

Danielle Fishel has been a name that has been turning up in search engines over the last several hours. I remembered her name from the show Boy Meets World, on which she played Topanga. I wondered to myself, what ever happened to her? It turns out that after Boy Meets World she made a few movie appearances on the National Lampoon series and most recently was on the Tyra Banks television show.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Stupid Test 3 Answers Walkthrough

The Stupid Test 3 is yet another game on AddictingGames.com that people are anxious to find a walkthrough and answers for. This game is pretty cool. Here are the answers for The Stupid Test...

1. wrong
2. celery
3. beans
4. more, core, cord, cold
5. hannah
6. Press the green button carefully. The positions change.
7. 5
8. more scrambled eggs
9. butter
10. neither
11. all of them
12. yes
13. a coin collector
14. He never boarded the ark. It was Noah.
15. Earth can't be removed from a hole.
16. milk
17. macromedia
18. (it should say subtract your original number) = 4
19. call, ball
20. the last button is the tiny yellow one between the two green ones in the 2nd row
21. numismatist

Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli Finalize Divorce

After 26 years of marriage, celebrity couple Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli have completed thier divorce. This has been a fairly popular search trend over the last couple of hours. Valerie Bertiinelli is a television star who has most recently been working for Jenny Craig. Big surprise, another celebrity couple getting divorced.

Body of Leah Hickman Found, Missing Marshall Student

A Marshall University student named Leah Hickman disappeared on December 14th and has not been seen since. Her body was believed to be discovered today after an extensive search. Hickman was 21 years old. Though police are not 100% sure that the body found is Hickman's, the body was found in the apartment building that she lived in. My thoughts go out to the family of Leah Hickman.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What is Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Hyperbolic Paraboloid puzzles me. I saw this on the Google Trends list and decided I wanted nothing to do with it. I wrote this post anyway, but with little research. If you are wondering, "what is hyperbolic paraboloid?" then you can click on the link below and figure it out for yourself!


Four Corners Monument, Where The Four States Meet

Four Corners Monument has been a hot search trend today, and to be honest, I'm not sure why. The Four Corners National Monument on a Navajo reservation and does not have an offical single state of residence. This is because the monument rests on the borders of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Sounds like an awesome to visit, but I still have no clue what all the search volume has been about today. Let me know if you do!

Baboosh Baby Taut Belly Wrap

Brooke Burke, a famous actress, has created a store that caters specifically to women who have just given birth to a child. Burke is pregnant with her fourth child so it seems like she would know her stuff. To visit the site and check out the recommended taut belly wrap, click on the link below.


Isaac Nathan Tillis Arrested

Isaac Nathan Tillis is a name that has been coming up in online searches a lot today for all of the wrong reasons. Tillis, a teacher, was recently arrested for requesting oral sex from a student in exchange for a higher grade. Tillis teaches at Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida. The arrest was made after a setup that was devised by both the police and the girl that he planned on meeting with. Good thing they caught this creep!

7 Foot Tall 12 Year Old Photos and Video

"7 Foot Tall 12 Year Old" was a hot search trend that certainly caught my eye. I did more research and discovered a boy named Brenden Adams, only 12 years old, who is nearly 7 feet tall. I watched a news video of Brenden and saw some pictures of him and couldn't help but feel for the kid. He has a serious medical condition. To see photos and video of Brenden Adams, the 7 foot tall 12 year old, click on the link below.


Man With Blue Skin Photos

"Man With Blue Skin" has been a very hot search trend today, and I don't blame people for searching for this. This is one of the strangest stories I have seen in a while. Paul Karason is the man with blue skin. Karason decided to drink some colloidal silver to help cure his dermatitis. This resulted in his skin turning blue! To see photos of the man with blue skin, click on the links below.



Angelman Syndrome, Colin Farrell's Son

Angelman Syndrome has been a popular search trend this morning and afternoon so far. The reason for this is because of news that actor Colin Farrell's son, James, has Angelman Syndrome. James is only four years old. Farrell has said that James is doing well and is taking steps in the right direction. Angelman Syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder that is pretty rarely found.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blake Shelton Clash of the Choirs

Blake Shelton has been a hot search trend tonight. The reason for this is because Shelton has been appearing on the T.V. show called Clash of the Choirs. Shelton's choir has been doing very well and has made it to the finals of the show.

Anderson Cooper's Mother Photo

Anderson Cooper's mother is causing quite a lot of searches tonight. I'm not quite sure why this is such a hot trend tonight, but it is. Anderson Cooper is known to have a pretty big picture of his mom in his home and people seem to enjoy looking at it. To see a photo of Anderson Cooper's mother, click on the link below.


UFO in Haiti Video is Fake

The hot video of the moment online that eveyone wants to see is the UFO over Haiti video. This video is cool, but it is almost certainly fake. I have found a video that shows some good evidence for the video of the UFO being fake. To watch this video, click play on the video below.

UFO Over Haiti, Watch The Video

The somewhat recent release of a supposed UFO sighting in Haiti caught on camera is causing quite a stir in the search engines today. This is a great video, but I am not quite sure of its reliability. To watch the UFO over Haiti video, look below.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Casey Aldridge Photos, Jamie Lynn Spear's Boyfriend

Jamie Lynn Spears has been a hot search trend today due to the news that she is pregnant at the age of 16. Her boyfriend, and her upcoming baby's daddy, is Casey Aldridge. I have found a great website that shows photos of Casey Aldrige with Jamie Lynn Spears. Click on the link below to check out these pictures.


Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears is taking after her sister and making a fool of herself. She is pregnant. This news is very shocking to many and it shows because the search traffic for her has been through the roof. Spears is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. Spears admitted to being pregnant in an article with OK! Magazine. She is currently working on a show called Zoey 101. I'm sure more news on Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant will come out in the next couple of days.

John Berg Law And Order

John Berg's death has been determined to be a suicide. John Berg Law and Order has been a hot search trend today. To read more about John Berg and his death, click on the link below.


Elian Cortez Photos

Elian Cortez has been an extremely popular search topic today because of the news that he is gay. He appears on the show American Gladiator and goes by the name of Militia. To see a photo of Elian Cortez, click on the link below.


Militia AKA Elian Cortez is Gay

Elian Cortez has been a hot search trend over the last few hours. The reason for this is the release of the news that Elian Cortez, also known as Militia from American Gladiator, is gay and was a gay porn star in the past. This news is pretty shocking for fans of American Gladiator. I'm sure much more will be made of this news in the future.

John Berg Dies In His Home

John Berg, an actor known for appearing in House M.D., Monk, and Law & Order, was found dead today in his home. At my last check, his cause of death had not been made official. Berg was 58 years old.

Anna Chakvetadze Robbed At Her Home In Moscow

Anna Chakvetadze has been a hot search trend over the last few hours because of the news of her being robbed in her home. Chakvetadze was tied up with ropes and then burglars made off with money and many of her belongings. Chakvetadze is one of the best women's tennis players in the world.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sam Lufti Marrying Britney Spears?

Sam Lufti is a name that has been hot in search engines over the last couple of hours due to the news that he may be marrying Britney Spears. Kevin Federline does not appear to be very happy about the news. The news has been that the eloping/wedding will take place in Las Vegas. More information on this hot trend should be out soon.

Photos of Chris Booker, Alycia Lane's Boyfriend

Chris Booker is yet another name that has been dragged into today's hot search trends because of Alycia Lane. Booker is said to be Lane's boyfriend. Pictures of Booker and Lane have been in high demand. To see pictures of Chris Booker, Alycia Lane's boyfriend, click on the link below.


Alycia Lane Bikini Photos

Alycia Lane bikini photos are in pretty high demand right now. Her name has been volcanic today and parts of yesterday in search engines. When people get obsessed with a search topic, they sure go all out. These bikini photos were found by Rich Eisen's wife, Suzy Shuster. The photos were intended for Eisen.

Alicia Lane argument with Suzy Schuster, Wife of Rich Eisen

Suzy Shuster has been a hot topic in search trends today. This spike in traffic is stemming from the Alycia Lane situation that has been ever so popular as of late. Shuster's connection with Lane is that last year, Lane was caught sending pictures to Rich Eisen, Shuster's husband. Shuster had some interesting comments about Alycia Lane's involvement with her husband. To read an article that has more information on this, click on the link below.

Alycia Lane Mugshot

Alycia Lane continues to be hot in the search trends due to her arrest for punching a cop. Web surfers seem to be fascinated with this story. I am anxious to see the Alycia Lane mugshot. If anyone knows where to find this, can you leave a comment under this post. I would like to link to it on this blog. Thanks!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alycia Lane In Trouble, Arrested

Alycia Lane is the most recent hot search trend and this is due to the news that she has been arrested. Lane, a Philadelphia news anchor, was arrrested for punching a female cop and calling her a couple names that I won't publish on this blog. What horrible news that a woman in such a public position cannot even control herself.

Dan Fogelberg is Dead

Dan Fogelberg has been in the hot search trends over the last couple of hours because of his death. Fogelberg died today at age 56. He had been suffering from cancer for a while. Fogelberg was a famous song writer and singer. He will always be remebered for his great musical talent that spoke to millions.

Photos of Nicole Boyd

Nicole Boyd has been yet another hot search trend today. To see pictures of Boyd, click on the link below. Nicole Boyd and her boyfriend, Roger Lee Dillion, are being accused by federal officials of stealing over $7 million from an armored truck.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Dating Pictures

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are currently ruling the Google Trends hot searches list. The reason for this is that Simpson and Romo are apparently dating and have been seen together on several occasions. To see pictures of this great celebrity couple, click on the links below.



Terelle Pryor Begins To Consider Michigan

Terelle Pryor is widely considered to be the best high school football player in America. His name has been a hot search trend today due to Rich Rodriguez being named the Michigan head football coach. Terelle Pryor has apparently commented on adding Michigan to his possible destinations for school. To read more about this, click on the link below.


Rich Rodriguez Named Michigan Coach

Rich Rodriguez, the former coach of West Virginia college football, has taken the head coaching job at the University of Michigan. This news has caused a lot of search traffic for his name. Rodriguez is replacing legedary longtime Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, who recently retired.

Edgar Cayce (Casey)

Edgar Cayce has recently appeared on hottest search trends. Cayce is the actual spelling of his name, though he is appearing in Google Trends as Edgar Casey. He was a very popular psychic during the early to mid 1900's. To read some of his amazing predictions, click on the link below.


Photos of Mary Bono

Mary Bono has been a hot search trend all day today. The interest in her has not faded away. Bono is popular today because of her wedding that took place yesterday to Connie Mack. To see photos of Mary Bono, the former wife of Sonny Bono, click on the link below.


Ron Paul Tea Party Fundraiser

Ron Paul's Tea Party Fundraiser for his presidential campaign has caused quite the stir both in the news and in search engine searches. Ron Paul's tea party is being called this because of the anniversary of the famous Boston Tea Party.

Indiana Winter Road Conditions, How Are The Roads In Indiana

A huge winter storm is hitting quite a few places across our great country today. I live in Maine and the storm is pretty intense. To see what road conditions in Indiana are like today, click on the link below. Indiana Road Conditions have been a very hot search topic today.


Jason Krause From Chicago Will Appear on ESPN

Jason Krause is a 10 year old who ESPN will feature on their NFL Sunday Countdown show. I'm not quite sure why this is happening, but a lot of people seem to be interested in it.

John LaBarca Loses His Job

John LaBarca has been a hot search topic this afternoon so far due to his firing from WICC. LaBarca is a famous broadcaster from Connecticut. To read more about this, click on the link below.


Brian Piccolo, Who Was He?

The name Brian Piccolo has been a hot search trend today. The reason for this spike in traffic is because of the Brian Piccolo award being given to Matt Robinson of Wake Forest University. Robinson is a defensive end. Piccolo died at the age of 26 from cancer. He played four years in the NFL.

Mary Bono Got Married To Connie Mack

Mary Bono's marriage to United States Representative Connie Mack has caused her to be a hot search trend this morning. Mary Bono is the former wife of Sonny Bono. Bono and Mack apparently had a pretty small wedding, which took place on Saturday.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Watch Avatar The Airbender Season 3 Online For Free

Avatar the Airbender is a show that is traditionally pretty popular in search engines. People love to watch this show online for free! Season 3 of Avatar has been a high search topic lately and I have found a website that claims to make it possible to watch online. Check it out through the link below.


Tank On Empty Website

Tank on Empty is a website that will be featured on 20/20, the show hosted by John Stossel. The point of this website is for drivers to share how far they can push their vehicles to go once the low fuel light comes on. This website is awesome! Check it out through the link below.


Did Lil' Wayne Get Shot?

Lil' Wayne has been pretty hot in the search engines tonight due to a rumor of him being shot. I'm not quite sure where this news came from, but the answer to the question, "Did Lil' Wayne Get Shot" seems to be no. I will post more once I get confirmation about whether or not this news is true and why it is being searched for.

Kiran Kumar Allam Dead At Louisina State

Kiran Kumar Allam was a student at Louisiana State University who was found dead along with Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma, another LSU student. The men were found dead this morning. It appears to be a home invasion murder case. Increased acts of violence on both college campuses and other seemingly safe environments have been happening a lot lately. Prayers go out to the families of both victims.

Alice Braga is In I Am Legend Which Comes Out Today

Alice Braga has been a hot search trend today so far. The reason for this increase in traffic for her name is because she is a star in the movie, I Am Legend, which comes out today. The movie also features Will Smith. Alice Braga has been in a few movies and is from the country of Brazil.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jodie Foster Cindy Bernard Photos

Cindy Bernard has been a hot search trend this morning due to the news that she is in a lesbian relationship with actress Jodie Foster. To see pictures of this couple, click on the link below.


Jodie Foster Gay

Jodie Foster is a very well known actress who recently came out with the news that she was a lesbian. Her partner, Cindy Bernard, has been a very hot search topic since the news came out.

Alexandra Paressant? Did Tony Parker Cheat?

Alexandra Paressant has been a very hot search topic this morning and this is stemming from the rumor that NBA star and husband of Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, cheated on his wife with this woman. The rumors have been very strongly dismissed as fake by both Parker and Longoria. Hopefully Tony didn't mess this up, because he would really be an idiot!

Was The Mitchell Report on Baseball Leaked?

The Mitchell Report has been a very hot search trend today. The reason for this increased search engine traffic is because the report is due to be released today. Many people have been searching for "Mitchell Report Leak" also. The only leak as far as I know that has come from the Mitchell Report so far was the information about possible HGH use by pitcher Paul Byrd. If you are interested in the issue of steroids in baseball, today may be a pretty exciting day for you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alli Spencer, Will MacKenzie's Girlfriend

The name Alli Spencer has been a very popular search trend today. I have read of news of Spencer doing a pretty risque photo shoot and I believe this is why her name has been so popular today. Alli Spencer is the girlfriend of professional golfer Will MacKenzie.

Photos of Enza Sambataro

Enza Sambataro is the girlfriend of Boston Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis. She has been a very hot search trend today. The reason for the increased search traffic is the news that Sambataro and Youkilis will be getting married. To see a picture of Enza Sambataro, click on the link below.


Cash Warren and Jessica Alba to Have Child

Cash Warren, the boyfriend of Jessica Alba, has been a very hot search trend over the last couple of hours. The reason for the spike in traffic was the release of the news that Jessica Alba is pregnant. This news is certainly exciting for the celebrity baby obsessed crowd.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pictures of Janie Liszewski

Janie Liszewski has been a hot search trend over the last couple of hours. She is the girlfriend of Van Halen, who was recently on the news due to his house being flooded by water. Since Janie Liszewski has been such a hot search trend, I thought I would link to some pictures of her, click below to check them out.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Hot Trend- Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It A Night

Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It A Night is a Facebook group that has been covered in the news. This group is just dedicated to girls posting pictures of their stupid antics while drunk. I think that this is a disgrace and should be deleted off Facebook. Thirty Reasons Why Girls Should Call It a Night is yet another tribute to college drinking.

Six Grandfathers Mount Rushmore

Six Grandfathers has been a very popular search term over the last couple of hours. I think I have found the reason for this. Six Grandfathers was the name used by the Lakota Sioux indian tribe for the mountain that we know today as Mount Rushmore.

Jeanne Assam New Life Church Security Guard

Jeanne Assam is the security guard at the New Life Church in Colorado that shot and killed a gunman. Her name has been very popular in search engines over the last few hours due to her name being released. She is a very brave woman who deserves a lot of credit. She credits God for being with her. To see a picture of Jeanne Assam and read more about her, click below.


Jamie Leigh Jones Raped In Iraq, Situation Ignored

Jamie Leigh Jones is a woman who had been working in Iraq and claims she was sexually assaulted and raped while there. She worked for Halliburton. According to Jones, she reported the crime but no action was taken at all by her employer. They allegedly told her to stay in some sort of holding container and told her she couldn't leave. Jamie Leigh Jones has been a hot search topic over the last few hours.

Photos of Stacy Johnson-Klein

Stacy Johnson-Klein is the former womens basketball coach at Fresno State University. She lost her job at Fresno State and filed a lawsuit for sexual discrimination. She recently won the case and received $19 million. To see some pictures of Stacy Johnson-Klein, visit the website below.


Renee Sloan Scott Baio Pictures Link

Renee Sloan is the woman who recently married Scott Baio. This news has been very popular online over the last few hours. Pictures of the couple are becoming increasingly available online. I have found one site that shows some great photos of the couple. To check them out, visit the website below.


Queen Latifah Engaged To Another Woman

Queen Latifah, the famous actress and hip hop star, is apparently engaged to be married to her longtime girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins. This news comes as a surprise to many who did not even know that Queen Latifah was a lesbian. There is sure to be more news about this coming out soon as details are still being learned.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Elin Nordegren Tiger Wood's Wife

Elin Nordegren is golf superstar Tiger Wood's wife. She recently won a settlement with an Irish magazine over some fake nude photos that the magazine published. To read more about this, click on the link below.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is Funeral City?

Funeral City is a search term that has been very popular over the last few hours. I am really not sure as to what it means though. If anyone knows, could you please leave a comment. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Miranda Kerr Model

Miranda Kerr is a very popular up and coming model who has been making quite a name for herself recently. To read more about Miranda Kerr and see pictures of her, click on the link below.


David Chip Reese Dead

David Chip Reese, a world famous poker player, is dead at the age of 56. He was respected as a pioneer of the growth of professional poker in the United States. To read more about the death of David Chip Reese, click on the link below.


Pimp C Dead

Rapper Pimp C, whose real name is Chad Butler, was found dead in his bed. This death has shocked the hip hop community. Pimp C's death is now being investigated as a homicide. To read more about the death of Pimp C, click on the link below.


What is Wrong With Seal's Face

The question 'what is wrong with Seal's face' has been a popular question recently in search engines. I have found a website that answers this question. Click on the link below to check it out and find out what is wrong with Seal's face.


Seal's Face

Seal, a singer who is married to supermodel Heidi Klum, has something noticably different about his face. Seal is a very popular artist who has a huge amount of talent. To see a picture of Seal and his face, click on the link below.


Debra Lafave Arrested Again

Debra Lafave, a teacher from Florida who has been in trouble in the recent past for a sexual relationship with a teenage student, has been arrested again. To read more about Debra Lafave being arrested, click on the link below.