Thursday, December 20, 2007

What is Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Hyperbolic Paraboloid puzzles me. I saw this on the Google Trends list and decided I wanted nothing to do with it. I wrote this post anyway, but with little research. If you are wondering, "what is hyperbolic paraboloid?" then you can click on the link below and figure it out for yourself!

Four Corners Monument, Where The Four States Meet

Four Corners Monument has been a hot search trend today, and to be honest, I'm not sure why. The Four Corners National Monument on a Navajo reservation and does not have an offical single state of residence. This is because the monument rests on the borders of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Sounds like an awesome to visit, but I still have no clue what all the search volume has been about today. Let me know if you do!

Baboosh Baby Taut Belly Wrap

Brooke Burke, a famous actress, has created a store that caters specifically to women who have just given birth to a child. Burke is pregnant with her fourth child so it seems like she would know her stuff. To visit the site and check out the recommended taut belly wrap, click on the link below.

Isaac Nathan Tillis Arrested

Isaac Nathan Tillis is a name that has been coming up in online searches a lot today for all of the wrong reasons. Tillis, a teacher, was recently arrested for requesting oral sex from a student in exchange for a higher grade. Tillis teaches at Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida. The arrest was made after a setup that was devised by both the police and the girl that he planned on meeting with. Good thing they caught this creep!

7 Foot Tall 12 Year Old Photos and Video

"7 Foot Tall 12 Year Old" was a hot search trend that certainly caught my eye. I did more research and discovered a boy named Brenden Adams, only 12 years old, who is nearly 7 feet tall. I watched a news video of Brenden and saw some pictures of him and couldn't help but feel for the kid. He has a serious medical condition. To see photos and video of Brenden Adams, the 7 foot tall 12 year old, click on the link below.

Man With Blue Skin Photos

"Man With Blue Skin" has been a very hot search trend today, and I don't blame people for searching for this. This is one of the strangest stories I have seen in a while. Paul Karason is the man with blue skin. Karason decided to drink some colloidal silver to help cure his dermatitis. This resulted in his skin turning blue! To see photos of the man with blue skin, click on the links below.,2933,317564,00.html

Angelman Syndrome, Colin Farrell's Son

Angelman Syndrome has been a popular search trend this morning and afternoon so far. The reason for this is because of news that actor Colin Farrell's son, James, has Angelman Syndrome. James is only four years old. Farrell has said that James is doing well and is taking steps in the right direction. Angelman Syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder that is pretty rarely found.