Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jodie Foster Cindy Bernard Photos

Cindy Bernard has been a hot search trend this morning due to the news that she is in a lesbian relationship with actress Jodie Foster. To see pictures of this couple, click on the link below.

Jodie Foster Gay

Jodie Foster is a very well known actress who recently came out with the news that she was a lesbian. Her partner, Cindy Bernard, has been a very hot search topic since the news came out.

Alexandra Paressant? Did Tony Parker Cheat?

Alexandra Paressant has been a very hot search topic this morning and this is stemming from the rumor that NBA star and husband of Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, cheated on his wife with this woman. The rumors have been very strongly dismissed as fake by both Parker and Longoria. Hopefully Tony didn't mess this up, because he would really be an idiot!

Was The Mitchell Report on Baseball Leaked?

The Mitchell Report has been a very hot search trend today. The reason for this increased search engine traffic is because the report is due to be released today. Many people have been searching for "Mitchell Report Leak" also. The only leak as far as I know that has come from the Mitchell Report so far was the information about possible HGH use by pitcher Paul Byrd. If you are interested in the issue of steroids in baseball, today may be a pretty exciting day for you.