Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Militia AKA Elian Cortez is Gay

Elian Cortez has been a hot search trend over the last few hours. The reason for this is the release of the news that Elian Cortez, also known as Militia from American Gladiator, is gay and was a gay porn star in the past. This news is pretty shocking for fans of American Gladiator. I'm sure much more will be made of this news in the future.


COLTblogger said...

See hot COLT nude shots of Elian on my blog at www.JohnRutherfordblog.com.

frenchBoy said...

He is NOT gay !!!
The only "porn" he ever did was a masturbation scene and a shower scene... ALONE !

I dare you to find ANYTHING on the internet with him having sex with another guy. Only solos !!!

By the way, you can also find him under the name of CASTRO.

Funny how rumors spread...

Anonymous said...

I have know Alex since he was a dancer/bar tender at Mangoes on South Beach. This guy is a class act and I know for a fact that he is straight. Several of his male friends who are bi even told me he is only into women and it is too bad that sometimes when we need cash that we maybe don't make the best decisions. Stop all the rumors (and at the same time, what difference does it really make?.)

Anonymous said...

i am a gay man & i have know Alex Castro since 1994 he used to shop at my store on Sobe and he is DEF str8t, he is very comfortable with gays being in the modeling industry. not everyman is gay.
hes been on greeting cards i sell and in mags, but never with guys!!
Antonio - Compass Market - To The Moon.

Anonymous said...

What I find pathetic is John Rutherford from Colt Studios leaking this in the first place.

It shows that Rutherford is not only a scumbag, but that he is not a decent human being.

It also lets other ex Colt or maybe future Colt models, NOT to work for such a sleazy company and man (Rutherford).