Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xbox Live Not Working, Cannot Connect

Searches related to Xbox live not working have been very hot over the last few hours. Creating an Xbox live account seems to be where the problem is. The network or something is not working and a message is being displayed by Xbox that the problem is being worked on. This is really annoying for those that play a lot of games on Xbox live. Be patient and hang in there!


Anonymous said...

it suck big time on a saturday night m$
should pay back people or give a movie away

Anonymous said...

i contact tech aupport to let them tell me that to 'think' the service would be back in 24h or less... we are an Isp if would cut the signal out on a saturday our head would roll off!!

but the mighty M$ can do it
hope what they say is not shit, may be they 've been hack!!!

in any case wrong scheduling weekend is no good time for shuttdown

Anonymous said...

hurry up xbox

Nate Diz said...

I understand all of the frustration!

Anonymous said...

c'mon give a guy a break.. i work like crap today and all i wanna do is blow the heads of some 10 year old kid in some halo.. is that too much to ask?